About us

We nurture and transform small enterprises

Ecco Solutions is a Business Development Solution (BDS) provider for small-medium enterprises. Our team consists of business analysts, application developers, product managers, system engineers, researchers, strategists, accountants, facilitators, innovators and social entrepreneurs with a common denominator: Radically committed to alleviate the growing pains of small enterprises through cost-reducing and profit-oriented simple technology solutions that improve productivity and performance.

Our solution begins with a series of questions that leads to our core goal: How can technology empower and profit small business enterprises in the real African world and solve prevailing social-economic problems? Our answer: Ecco Solutions.

Our integrated solution helps start-ups and small businesses reduce cost, manage better and maximize profit with EccoSoft®, IRS® and WebServices®. Our business management training workshops help SME improve productivity; and our iSchool/SMART School solution improves academic performance and enables effective administration-collaboration between administrators, teachers and students.

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