Automate Your Business with EccoSoft® Before Your Business Automates You!

EccoSoft® can help you automate all your business processes (from sales to accounting, inventory, purchases, human resources, payroll, etc) to a seamless automated process that makes it efficient and effective to retrieve reliable information from a central database. This empowers you and your employees to accurately make critical customer-centric decision at the right time all the time. EccoSoft® eliminates mundane activities, reduces the cost of operations and increases your bottom line-Profit!

EccoSoft® Key features and customizable modules are:

  • Sales Management
  • Accounting management: including mgt accounting reports
  • Human Resources including Payroll
  • Stock-inventory management
  • Real-time business intelligent reports generation
  • User Management
  • Multiple Location Management
  • Customer Relationship Management