IRS® in partnership with Interswitch

IRS® is an integrated retail payment -stock inventory-customer management solution that automates and consolidates all key business operations across several business units or divisions. The primary objective is to leverage a single technology platform to deliver a solution that would provide simple, transparent ,intelligent information across multiple business units or locations. The business owner/management can view and process relevant information and make informed business decision based on accurate data-information. IRS Retail Management Solution provides management a clear view of activities of the entire business irrespective of the units or number of outlets at a glance, achieved through an online real-time environment that generates intelligent reports anytime anywhere.

The key features are:

  • Sales Management
  • Multiple payment acceptance: Cash, Debit/ATM cards, Online or via POS
  • Stock-inventory management
  • Yield-based production management
  • Real-time business intelligent reports generation
  • User Management
  • Location Management
  • Customer Management
  • Remote business location monitoring

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