ECCO SMART Schools Solution®
We are building the classroom of the future with our iSchools/SmartSchools Solutions


Technology and innovation are at the core of the ever-changing world of education. Academic success capable of proffering solutions to the global social-economic challenges is our top priority, and incorporating e-learning solution and Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 device with interactive software into academics better prepares students for the world outside the school walls.

In partnership with globally recognized OEM and IT solution providers (Samsung, Microsoft, Cadlinks and Magbodo) we are embarking on a Smart Schools Solutions project driven by Samsung to radically transform our educational system. The goal is to improve both students and teachers academic performance by providing an engaging, collaborative (student-student-teacher-parents-school) in a manageable student-centric learning environment.

Major components of the SMART Schools/ iSchools + Digital Literacy Solution:

  • School management and eLearning Portal with local school content developed by Cadlinks in partnership with Ecco Solutoions (
  • Smart School Solution equipment for creation of interactive digital learning environment + Samsung Interactive white Board integrated with Samsung Tablets (Galaxy Note 10.1) for teachers and students
  • Magbodo - Free Online UTME and JAMB practice tests in a gaming environment (
  • Teachers training in ICT-IC3 modules developed by Certiport
  • School Software Course content and educational eBooks developed by Samsung R&D

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